Explain Ethical Issues Related To Using Social Media

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Write a computer use policy.
1. Explain ethical computing
PC morals is set of good rule that control the utilization of PCs (Christensson, 2006). Some regular issues of PC morals incorporate licensed innovation rights, (for example, copyrighted electronic substance), protection concerns, and how PCs influence society (Christensson, 2006). It’s unethical to access someone’s personal information on a computer (Christensson, 2006). As the universe of PCs advances, PC morals keeps on making moral benchmarks that address new issues raised by new advances (Christensson, 2006).
2. Explain plagiarism and copyright infringement.
As indicated by the Merriam-Webster online lexicon, to "plagiarize" means: to take and go off (the thoughts or expressions
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Sharing an Internet connection
a. Penalties
5. Explain ethical issues related to using social media.
In May 2012, Maryland became the first state to enforce a law that prohibits employers from asking current and potential employees information regarding their social media accounts (Evans, Martin and Poatsy, 2014). Employers are also prohibited from asking potential employees information regarding their gender, race, religion, age and sexual orientation, but some of this information can be found on profiles (Evans, Martin and Poatsy, 2014).
a. Give a specific example where an employee was terminated due to actions on social media.
In Maryland, a corrections officer was terminated and wanted to get his job back (Evans, Martin and Poatsy, 2014). During his interview, he was asked for his Facebook password. The employer then logged into his account to see if he was connected to any gangs (Evans, Martin and Poatsy,
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A dominant part of supervisors screen their workers (1993). They are inspired by potential lawsuits and the expanding part that electronic confirmation plays in claims and government organization examinations (1993).
a. Keylogging
Keystroke checking tell a business what number of keystrokes every hour every worker is performing (1993). It likewise may advise representatives on the off chance that they are above or beneath the standard number of keystrokes anticipated (1993).
b. Reading emails
Messages are thought to be company property if they are sent utilizing the organization 's PC framework (n.d.). Supervisors for the most part have the privilege to screen and view representative email, insofar as they have a legitimate business reason for doing as such (n.d.). Numerous businesses now have email frameworks that duplicate all email messages as they go through the framework to check for efficiency, unlawful utilize, and different issues (n.d.). Messages are much of the time being utilized as confirmation amid trial to demonstrate representative unfortunate behavior or wrongdoing

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