Kick The Habit Essay

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Kick The Habit

If you place “privacy” on one side of the balance, and “security” on the other side, will they be equal? Or would one kick the beam? Would you like to have all your personal information laid out for the eyes of an officer for the sake of yours and others’ security? How would you feel if you enter a job interview knowing that the interviewer has a complete background check about you in his files? “Privacy” is defined as one’s right to keep personal information private. Yes! It is a right. As stated by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and many other treaties; privacy is a basic and fundamental human right. Many people believe that our right to privacy must be forgotten
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But if the person is free from any criminal record, then the employer mustn’t interfere with his personal information. You want security? Well, we do as well! But along with security, we need to be reassured that our personal privacy is secure. Governments around the world are failing to keep people’s privacy since they do not keep the data they have confidential, they use social networks to invade people’s privacy doing so without informing them about it, and the whole process of privacy invasion hasn’t proved to be totally efficient in most countries. For the governments demanding information for the so-called “security”, citizens as well have the right to demand security of privacy. Citizens need reassurances that the data collected by the government’s security systems is secure, confidential, and invulnerable. What is meant, is that citizens need to know where will the information gathered about them go and know who will have access to these pieces of information. “WikiLeaks”, a web portal devoted to disclosing confidential information from governments, corporations, and other large and powerful entities, is a great example that no databases is 100%

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