Computer Systems And The Computer System Essay

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Many computer systems need to be improved because if they are not updated to the latest software/ version then the computer system would become slow and the performance of the computer would not be improved and if it is not improved it will start to crash. But when the computer system is improved then it would prevent from any crashing to the system and allow maximising the performance.
Hardware improvements
When the system becomes outdated or some of the components need repairing then by improving the computer system with new replaced components would allow the system to become faster and unbreakable. And by replacing the components with new hardware components would have an improved performance and the functions would be with a new model that doesn’t need to keep being replaced by new components and would last for a while until the computer system needs new ones again. And by bringing new components to the system would make the computer’s features more improved for the user.
The system has only a small amount of storage in the system and not much space to store a lot of files or documents in the system in the hard drive. But there is some space to add or improve the storage capacity so instead of having a small amount, the system would allow to give up some space for new and improved hard drive to allow more storage for files or documents to be placed. And by having more storage then the user would be able to have more programs to the computer without having an error…

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