Computer Software Essay

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Organized collections of computer data and instructions are known as computer software. Computer software can be broken up into two categories. System software and Application Software. Without software, computer hardware would be nearly useless.
A question that is often brought up when discussing computer software and hardware is the concept of the chicken and egg theory. This theory simply is how do you install software on a computer before an operating system is installed? The solution is called Firmware. Firmware is software that is preinstalled onto memory so that the hardware knows how to complete basic tasks. A good example of this would be the BIOS on a motherboard. Modern computers include a user interface system preinstalled on motherboards
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They are generally focused on increasing productivity and simplifying general tasks. Business software is mostly Microsoft Office, Apple’s iWork, Open Office or Adobe Suites. Distinctive components of businesses software revolve around word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database management, and email. Microsoft Office is the most popular business application suite. Microsoft word is the most popular application in the business world and is Microsoft’s word processor. Excel is the spreadsheet powerhouse and PowerPoint is the top software for presentations. Microsoft Access is Microsoft’s software within the office suite that allows end users to modify and assign tasks within a system database. Outlook is the favorable email software among modern PC users. The typical personal software consists of programs such as Skype, multimedia players, TurboTax, and games. Personal software typically is developed for entertainment functionality for the end user. Modern computers are able to achieve high speed and these applications are becoming more complex. Applications can be used to help the end user complete tasks. As we move into further generations of computing the general basis of applications will rise intensely. Some of these applications interact directly with the database to apprehend and evaluate …show more content…
The process of connecting to the internet is a series of events that leads to the IP (Internet Protocol) address you wish to achieve. Starting with a modem, which is used to connect to the internet via coaxial or a telephone jack. This device transfers data to a router, which in return allows multiple computers to connect to the internet via cable or Wi-Fi. After your computer connects to these processes the end user will connect to their ISP (Internet Service Provider). In return, the ISP will connect the end user to the appropriate DNS (Domain Name System) servers. Within these servers are databases with IP addresses to physical websites. Between your personal computer and the computer your ISP owns is DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Essentially both computers speak this language, with the general purpose of giving the end users computer the information it needs to connect to an IP address. DHCP’s are also responsible for giving your home PC its own IP address. Without both IP addresses, the computers and routers involved in this system wouldn’t know where to send the data. The internet is a vastly growing resource that doubles in size every five years. The evolution which we have pursued with the internet has made communication worldwide a common element. It is a part of everyone’s day to day proceedings, which cannot be said better than Stephen Hawking “We are

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