Computer Security : Information On Our Computers Essay examples

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Suhrab Daud
Professor Said
Telecommunication Paper
Computer Security While we may believe we are able to safely access our vital information on our computers. We as users should be informed of the possible threats, hacks, and attacks outsiders may attempt upon our computer. There is a conflict within the system, as a hacker enters through the victims internet IP address. Packets are released out of your network and somehow the hacker was able to do this from various cyber thieving techniques. One of those that is common is phishing. For an example, if you were sent an email that convinced you were going to be covered for a free flight to the Bahamas. The biggest mistake you can make is opening that email, because right as you click open that file, the hacker instantly gains to your network and is able to check through the computer. Looking through each and every file, every cookie, cache on your web browser and hard drive. It is without a doubt that these hackers strive on precious client information. Such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords for social media. You are a victim of identity theft, somebody thousands of miles away may have stolen your valuables. At this point in a user’s network, it is completely controlled and running to anonymous host. It is scary to think that this can happen to any kind of computer being attacked by outsiders. From time to time the United States federal agencies receive threats from cyber terrorists. In the…

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