Essay about Computer Science : My First Spark

859 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Being able to write about my early childhood memories of my first interest for computers has allowed me to become a stronger writer. The memories were vivid in my mind, but I had yet to put it all into words. Instead of letting those memories fade, the essay, “Computer Science: My First Spark”, allowed me to elaborate on how I chose my major. Describing this memory was very nostalgic and brought back positive memories. This paper sharpened my skills relating to reflecting on my experiences, developing sound arguments, and exploring previously unfamiliar ideas. The roots of my interest first stemmed when I first walked into that preschool classroom. Being able to eloquently put those early feelings into words helped me become a better writer. For instance, I wrote that “The red light on the power button looked as if it were dying to have its spring-loaded mechanism activated” and “Friends would walk over and watch me play this action-packed game, but I held on to that chair as it if were a raft in a rough sea.” The purpose of these explanations is to show how strong my love for computers were at such an early age. The more descriptions I wrote, the more my memory began to form and make sense, improving my skills in the writing process. I was even able to recall my favorite game that I used to play! In contrast to finding facts written by others and writing commentary about them, this paper allowed me to think back to when I was in preschool and illustrate my own…

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