Computer Science Case Study

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The internal structure of the population has undergone disruptive changes in the world before the demographic transition, the population ratio of more than 40% of children, the elderly population aged 65 and above 4% or less, the age structure of the population pyramid is positive, it is the human population fully completed after the demographic transition, the proportion of the population of children dropped to 20%, while the proportion of elderly aged 65 and over population will exceed 20% of the population age structure will be transformed into the inverted pyramid, Some developed countries have such a construction. To be sure, the dynamic changes in the human population of nearly 300 years in the process profoundly affect every aspect
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Second, in the US job market, computer science students has been very popular, especially China, India, science and engineering students are more excellent, is a US company focused recruitment targets, In future if you want in US employment or immigration, Computer Science would be a wise choice.
Not only that, but the US job market may not have the pace of improvement, because of strong employment growth masks the weak productivity growth and a high level of part-time and long-term unemployment situation. The analysts also feared the growth rate of the US economy is not fast enough as they have to absorb the financial crisis happened in the years between 2007 and 2009 - and which led to unemployment or relegated to the sidelines temporary unemployment.
In summary, if the rebound in productivity, economic growth slowed, which means that employers need employees will be less, which will slow down the progress of employment. The analysts have also predicted that the expected economic growth will accelerate in the second half of this decade, and furtherly the banks may also raise interest rates within this
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Many of the students are now a days in who all come for graduation and under-graduation to United states get into part-time illegally at malls, motels, restaurants etc., And few very few of them try to get an on-campus job, as there would be heavy competition to get it, students prefer to choose off-campus in order to support them financially.
There is a widespread belief that, spending so much of time in job related activities, and seeing handsome money in their hands, students tend to work more concentrating less on their academics. In few instances they also may not even attend classes regularly. Finally this is leading them to score less grades and this also making them go back to other university and their home country, as they don’t meet their graduate course requirements.
This suggests that, in the world of advancement and with the availability of high end internet technologies, universities can provide online courses and make them to meet regularly at a stipulated time with their faculty. Exams has to be conducted in the premises of the faculty. The universities must update academic profiles with the current requirements in the market and provide the same training to the

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