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During the Windows startup process, the computer may stop responding (hang), and you may receive the following error message: *** Hardware Malfunction Call your hardware vendor for support *** The system has halted *** One of the following error messages may also be included: NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error NMI: Channel Check / IOCHK NMI: Fail-safe timer NMI: Bus Timeout NMI: Software NMI generated NMI: Eisa IOCHKERR board x

This behavior can occur if a hardware
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Advanced RAID or other caching controllers can have RAM, processor chips, or both that could also be the problem. If the simplest configuration contains one of these advanced adapters, resolving the problem may require use of additional troubleshooting or diagnostic software, possibly using duplicate hardware.
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Check For Updated Drivers

[pic]For additional information about updating drivers and managing devices in Windows XP, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
283658 ( ) HOW TO: Manage Devices in Windows XP

Reasons of Data Loss: Hardware or System Malfunction

Reasons of Data Loss: Hardware or System Malfunction

The biggest factor leading to data loss is hardware malfunction or hard disks failure. It is known that 44% of all data losses are an outcome of hardware or system malfunction. Hard disks are mechanical devices and therefore are more prone to wear and tear. It is believed that the estimated average life of a hard disk is 3 years. Hardware fails to function properly due to one of the following reasons:

(a) Head/Media Crash:

Head/media collisions account for a large percentage of hardware malfunctions.

Picture this:
A series of hard disk platters rotating at the rate of 150 times per second with heads being separated (at

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