Essay on Computer And Electronic Production : Apple

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Figure 3
Apple is a multinational innovative leader specializing in software, online services, electronics, and computers marketing to consumers, schools, businesses, and government agencies. HP also markets to the same sectors as Apple on a smaller scale and specializes in desktops and notebook PC’s. Google specializes in internet related services and products including online advertising, search engine, software, and cloud computing.
Some economic competition that exists are capabilities of devices have increased resulting in the demand for multiple devices has decreased because everything can be done all on one device. Also, social media has more capabilities where video and other features are available allowing people to do more things with apps. As a result, the need to purchase software demand has decreased. Also customers are using platforms such as Dropbox to store files and Amazon to store music because of convenience. This eliminates the stress of installing drivers or dealing with the terrible support the companies in this industry provide.
Annualized computer and electronic production is approaching a six-year high, 4.7% above the year-ago level (annual basis). This is an indication that demand in this sector is strong. However, production is shifting into the slower-growth phase of the business cycle and looking at the rates of change, this will continue. New orders for computers and electronic equipment (deflated) are at a record high of $1.1 trillion, in…

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