Compulsory Education Essay

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ENG 101
Compulsory Education
There are many forms of research for compulsory education. When I started to dig for
Information, I was quite amazed in how far back it actually goes. It may have been a little different then, but the concept behind it were and still are the same. With that, you will see multiple questions that need to be answered. What function does compulsory education serve in the United States, what are the advantages and disadvantages to compulsory education, and how can we make school better for today's young learners?
Compulsory education is the attendance required by all students. In reading, michaeladuffy’s research, I understand what he is trying to say in more clarity. How does it
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I can see why this is. Children these days will drop out if they are not treated correct. When kids are picked on their insecurity level falls at an all time low. The only option they have left is to not go to school and live with themselves. During my research the answer was never there. It is ones interpretation of the compulsory education and how it serves in the United States. In the early years of a child they continue to have more of independence for learning to develop each of their demands. Decades ago children opted not go to school, but instead work with their families and that is how they survived on such a low income. Compulsory education levels that bar for the unfortunate families who cannot afford it. With compulsory education more people have access to education, now whether they choose to use it is up to them. The one main disadvantage, I think every one might agree with me, is that the government dictates the age for the grade and what the kids are suppose to be doing. In other words they are forced into it. Are children ready for the grade they are in or going to be in? No, they’re probably not. Not one child is the same in learning. In order for our children to be ready for society interaction, activities are needed.
How can we make school better for today's young learners? Children’s intellectual growth, in their early years,

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