Comprehensive And Non Discriminatory Sexuality Education Essay

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Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Schools The sexual health education offered in schools across the globe ranges from complete avoidance of the topic to AO (abstinence only) education to CSE (comprehensive sexual education) and the relative merits of different programs are hotly debated. The central focus of AO programs is the message that sexual activity should be avoided until marriage, while CSE programs typically include factual information about how to prevent pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) , along with lessons about how to handle sexual situations and healthy relationships (Alford, 2001). The ability to navigate relationships and sexual encounters and avoid possible negative consequences such as pregnancy and STIs can be considered fundamental skills. The United Nations Population Fund states that “The right to comprehensive and non-discriminatory sexuality education is based on rights protected by several human rights agreements and documents” (United Nations Population Fund, 2010). CSE, including information on how to use and access methods of birth control and prevent STIs, has positive effects on many aspects of adolescents’ health and wellbeing, therefore it should be integrated into health education programs in schools.
One major benefit to CSE is the reduction in rates of teenage pregnancy, which can have negative impacts for both individuals and society as a whole. Many studies have shown significant decreases in instances of teenage…

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