Components 2 : Integrating What It Known With What 's New Assignment

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Component 2: Integrating What’s Known with What’s New Assignment
When addressing the Component 2 requirement, I considered a class of third graders who are reading approximately one grade level below their same age peers. This reading group consists of three English Learners and three struggling readers who receive Title 1 reading services. The students participate in an alternative reading program, eighty minutes daily.
Subsequent activities beyond the introduction
• Four-Square Concept Map: The purpose of this this activity to explore and develop a deep understanding of one word/concept in the students’ own words and examples. The teacher will guide the instruction through asking questions the students to define the meaning in their own language, provide a synonym(s) or fact, and provide examples and non-examples. Students will complete individual concept maps and be encouraged to provide a drawing as well.
Student’s Definition

Fact or Synonym


1. Clue Review with Vocabulary Cards: The purpose of this activity is to review and reinforce students’ knowledge of vocabulary definitions in highly engaging and easy format providing a deeper understanding of vocabulary words. A set of cards are provided for each pair of students. The vocabulary word is on one side and the definition is on the other side of the card. The pairs are given the names “Giver” and “Hot Seat”. The “giver” provides the clue and…

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