Complex Technology In Video Games: The Dumbest Generation

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Today’s generations lives and learns with the use of complex technology than those of the previous generations. Technology is said to be used in the means of improving the education system, while others say technology is affecting the education system negatively. For example, smart phones are only to be used in class for educational purposes such as researching, but many students not only use their phones for educational purposes, but they use them for socializing with friends, watching videos, & playing games. According to sources E, F, and G, technology is causing this generation’s knowledge to decrease, as Mark Bauerlein says “You guys don’t know anything.” And that this is the “dumbest generation.”

Video games were created to improve
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As years went on video games went from being educational and arcade to sports and virtual weapon firing games. Video games over time have gotten more complex and are now much more competitive. The Grand Theft Auto series is the most demanded game on the planet by any gamer, and this particular game has nothing to with education nor anything to help improve the player’s hand-eye coordination. There have been many cases where video game players have had tried to attempt what they do in video games in real life. A Grand Theft Auto game player named Ryan Stone had gotten into a car accident, and he then got out of his car and got into someone else’s car and fled the scene. Ryan was then caught several minutes later, followed by a police chase. Ryan’s actions clearly show why this is the dumbest generation, & why this generation doesn’t know anything. Video games are played by almost everyone who owns a smart …show more content…
The knowledge gained through education increases an individual’s chances of success. Students in the current generation are failing to understand that education is the key to success, and technology is to be blamed in this case. Technology now encouragers narcissistic blabbering, video, and PowerPoint, replacing writing & communication skills. Texting online all the time, and typing all types of work online is taking away the writing skills from students because anything which is misspelt will be corrected itself and all types of grammar mistakes will be corrected on their own as well. This is decreasing the students’ knowledge because the students really have no idea of what they are spelling correct and what they are spelling incorrect, and when it comes to writing in class, the students work has a lot of careless mistakes. As Thompson says “I think were in the midst of a literacy revolution the likes of which we haven’t seen since Greek civilization.” Clive Thompson is trying to get her point across saying that students don’t have the literacy knowledge which is required, and that technology is fading away our reading and writing skills. Students are now used to exact answers of what the question is rather than looking at the text and trying to find the answer, without realizing in the real world, you will never find an easy way

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