Competitive Analysis Of Foot Locker Inc. And Shoe Carnival Inc.

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sales. One of the major talks recently has been the idea of increasing minimum wage to $15.00. (Howell, 2016) If the minimum wage were to increase the impact could result in price increases on their product or closing stores and maximize their online presence to reduce labor. (Howell, 2016)
Competitive Analysis
The most significant competitors are Foot Locker Inc. and Shoe Carnival Inc. Foot locker Inc. has a revue of over $7.4 billion dollars in 2016. (Shoe Store, 2016) Foot locker sells name brand athletic footwear and clothing for men, woman, and children. Their stores are geared towards men, whereas DSW is geared towards woman. (Foot Locker Inc., 2016) They sell their shoes in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
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DSW is considered a Superstore in terms offering a large variety of shoes. (Industry Report, 2016) DSW set their competitive advantage with their low prices and rewards program. If a new entrant were to enter the retail world mimicking their superstores, prices, and rewards it could produce a threat. DSW Inc. has large following of loyal customer that would reduce the threat of a new entrant. With the power of the internet, their threat of substitution products is high. Foot Locker would be one of their biggest competitors because of their specialty in athletic wear. DSW offers athletic shoes, but since their stores are geared towards woman it will not be the first place a man goes to buy a pair of tennis shoes. The internet poses another threat of customer bargaining products being high. A possible customer would more than likely shop around before purchasing their shoes. DSW Inc., has their products prices at low price, but with people being able to compare prices from across the internet even in stores, there is a major threat. DSW Inc. prices their shoes to be competitive, they understand the threat of the …show more content…
DSW Inc. strives to offer the lowest prices and convenient shopping by offering a large selection. Their process reveals that they focus on their customer’s needs and they value their customers time and money. The core competency that is getting stronger is Specific customer service process. They are offering more technology in the stores, their shoe lover sales associates carry tablets around with the intent to find the perfect pair of shoes even if they are not at the store today. The core competency that is getting weaker is the superior cost management. It’s hard to always offer the lowest price, when customers can look up competitor’s shoe prices on their phones while shopping. Everyone is looking for the best deal and if DSW Inc. cannot offer the lowest price, they could lose a customer’s business. These trajectories reveal that DSW Inc. need to keep that customer focus in mind and work on negotiating with their supplies, to be able to offer customers the low

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