Arguments Against Raising Minimum Wage

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Today the minimum wage is $7.25 which is much lower than it should be. Throughout the country are people trying to provide for their families on minimum wage. However, when a person makes only minimum wage it is very difficult to provide for a family. The minimum wage should be increased because of the many positive things that it can do for both the economy and people.
In todays’ economy the minimum wage sits at a low $7.25. The argument against raising the minimum wage is that it will hurt business when really it will help them. Many people today believe that if the minimum wage is increased then the cost of many products may increase. The reason for this is that when a company has to pay employees a few dollars more per hour then there is a substantial amount of money out of pocket. This cost must either be paid by the company or it may cause the price of products to increase above what they
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Many people do not view it this way though. The people who are opposed to raising the minimum wage argue that raising the minimum wages will hurt the government. For instance people argue that by raising the minimum wage will cause large companies to outsource their jobs to other countries for cheaper labor. Another argument against raising the minimum wage is that it will cause small business to go bankrupt because they cannot afford to pay their employees. While their are decent arguments against raising minimum wage in the end it will only help the government. For example if the minimum wage is increased it will help many people who are currently on welfare and under the poverty line rise above and will give the government more money to be able to work with. This money can then be put into other programs that can better the government. In the end the government is based around money and if raising the minimum wage can help them make more of it then it will eventually be

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