Womanism Vs Lavender

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Womanism and. Feminism: Purple or. Lavender First lets start with what feminism actually is, feminism is a range of movements fighting for the equal rights of women based on political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights. Women felt like they were being treated unequally because of their sex and therefore came up with the solution of the feminist movement so that they could fight for their rights. The Feminist movement has been lead mostly by white middle class women and began in the early 1920s because they felt they weren’t given the same opportunities as their husbands or men in general. The dilemma with the feminist movement was that it omitted some women, in particular African American women or women of color. That is why …show more content…
Feminist on the other hand, regard men as the enemy and as the cause of their inequality. They feel that they are trapped in a patriarchal society, where they are stripped from their rights by men. Whereas Womanism has a whole different perspective because the black man has always had the same power as the black women, which is not much. The Power between black men and women have been equal “due to the fact both have been equal partners in the struggle against oppression” (Mojica). Womanist are “Committed to survival and wholeness of entire people, male and female” (Walker). What this means is that Womanist have the idea that the way to success is through the close relationship with their men and children and having a close community where they can fight issues together. Womanist recognize that through their injustice upbringings they have had the support of their men and families to carry them through the malicious times of subjugation. Unlike White men, males of African culture “have never had the same institutionalized power” to be able to oppress their women of color in the first place (Hudson-Weems). White feminist have had the experience of being tyrannized by their male counterpart, whereas womanist have always had equal mistreatment as their men from the start of slavery. Feminist and white women weren’t given the same job opportunities as their white males and didn’t have a voice because of the total hierarchy they had over them. “Womanism accounts for the ways in which black women support and empower black men, and serves as a tool for understanding the Black woman’s relationship to men as different from the white

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