Essay about Comparison of Two Historical Art Periods

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Comparison of Two Historical Art Periods:
Middle Ages (Gothic) and Renaissance Architecture
Christina Plunkett
Western Governor's University
IWT1 Humanities Task 1

Gothic style came about in the middle of the twelfth century. It was named after the Goths that controlled France during that time. It was developed as a result of Christian ideals. Christian leaders wanted big, tall, ornate churches to represent their strong faith. Later it was also used for non-religious buildings such as castles, walls, bridges, and gates. Citizens of the time period wanted striking, rich looking churches to represent their success and wealth, also leading to Gothic style. Common Gothic features include the pointed arch, the rib vault,
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Simple, symmetrical decorations were used for the sides of buildings, and some structures featured columns like those of ancient temples. Architects of this time returned to the simple, proportionate look of the Roman/Classical period. They went in the opposite direction away from the chaotic, detailed look of the Gothic period. (“Architecture in Renaissance Italy”, 2013)
There are numerous differences between Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Gothic style architecture was elaborate with a lot of sculptures, flying figures and pointed arches. Renaissances' exterior is plain and simple. Buildings were square in shape with a predictable pattern of pillars and rounded arches. Gothic buildings were very high tall. Renaissance buildings were lower and wider. Gothic windows were large with stained glass. In comparison, Renaissance windows were usually smaller without stained glass.
Differences in Middle Age and Renaissance art including architecture can be attributed to the cultures of the two time periods. The culture was completely different from the Middle Ages where Gothic style originated, to the Renaissance. The Middle Ages was a dark and desperate culture. The arts of this time period expressed many morbid and dark thoughts and views. The Middle Ages witnessed a reduction in religion and faith. The

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