What Are The Similarities Between The Breadwinner And The Birchbark House

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The book by the Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis and The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrch has several similarities that can be comparison. For instance, both characters have suffered through some difficulties. Also, both characters have to work hard to support their parents. In addition, both character paly very significant role for their parents. Omakaya is a 7 year old an Ojibwa Native American girl and Parvana 11year-old Parvana both who faced life circumstances for her family Who is respect, friendly and easy going and sacrifices for their parent in tire young age.

Omakayas is an eight-year old anishable girl lives with her parent in Minnesota around 1849. Omakayas secret, which she don’t found out since she was baby that she doesn’t have
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She is a little girl wise and open minded. She helped and does anything that makes her family better even if it is going to be challenge. For example she is the one who helps her father because he has leg problem; therefor, she insisted him. She also help her dad when the Taliban come to house to took him jail for not having Afghan education parvana stashed her dad books, so the Taliban did not find father 's books. She also help her mother get her father out of the jail. “The nan fell from Parvana’s lips into the plastic cloth.” (37) When the guard hit her; she fail to the ground and picked up her father photo that ripped by Taliban guard. Paravan sacrifices her life by shaving her hair and dressing up like a man and more boyish, so that she could have access to shop easily and go out by herself. For example, both character are brave they went through a lot of difficulties but they never gave up. For instance, when Parvana shaved her hair and dressed up like a boy it was bad for her incase if she get caught it was bad for her. In the same way, for Omakayas she was helping her community after her death of her lovely brother that she loves him as her own baby. They both have a beautiful sisters and brother. Parvan’s sister Nuria, she wanted to do all things that Parvan does because she never went out since Taliban ordered girls stay home. She have no idea how Parvana was tired. Likewise, Omakays

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