Comparison Of Francine Hughes And Betty Broderick Suffered From Abuse

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Although people have various ways of contextualizing and distinguishing abuse, I plan to argue that both Francine Hughes and Betty Broderick suffered from abuse throughout their marriages and beyond. Francine Hughes suffered from physical, emotional, and psychological abuse simultaneously, while Betty Broderick suffered from financial abuse. Patriarchy really dominates all of Francine’s emotions throughout the movie. Mickey’s parents constantly justified the abuse by saying that this is what marriage is and that if you loved him, you would stay. Francine’s mother also says this too and that it would be wrong of her to separate him from his children. This message is kind of distraught in the beginning since it was Mickey’s father who helped Francine leave Mickey the first time. At later parts in the movie, he is shown with a change in heart in how he tells Mickey’s mother that it is no use in talking Francine into staying. He also defends Mickey when the cops come to restrain Mickey from hurting Francine. In addition, Mickey’s friends refuse to speak out against Mickey’s abuse to Francine. It resembles the bystander effect where the probability of intervention decreases when others are present. In the cookout scene, after Mickey slapped Francine, she ran in the house. Instead of asking what 's going on, they continued to hang out and one of the guys asked for a beer. Constantly, this fuels the subordination of Francine to Mickey and reinforces the gender roles that women…

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