Comparison Of Dylan Thomas 'Fern Hill And' In-Just

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In the poems “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas and “in-Just” by e. .e cummings they focus largely on the concepts of growing up. The concept of losing one’s innocence is shown in both of these poems through the realizations in the last stanzas. That is when both of the authors realized that the innocence has been lost and things are not as they once thought that they were. Both of the authors told stories of their past to exemplify this, both poems I believe are written from the perspective of an adult looking back onto their childhood, then coming to the reality of their situations at the end of the poems. Although both works are written in very different styles the message within both is the exact same. We do not realize the reality of the situation …show more content…
As the poem moves on he talks of childhood games that the played and he talks of the “balloonman’s" prescience, he becomes more aware as the poem goes on how the “balloonman” is still lingering where the author plays. As he realizes this looking back now his words start to space out as he draws conclusions together. I believe that the author is coming the realization that the “balloonman” wasn’t just some innocent bystander but instead he is a creepy adult watching these children play. I will not go as far as to say the he is a “pedophile” but it almost seems that way because of the way that the spacing increases as the poem goes on and the author realizes that things are not as he once thought that they were. And once again in this poem and it was shown in the last, once you lose the innocence in something there is no way of getting it back. It is almost like once you find out that Santa Clause isn’t real, there is no going back to believing, the magic of believing is ruined. And in this poem we witness the author experience it, it brings out a sad feeling in myself when reading this because I know what it is like to loose one’s innocence when looking back at a memory and realizing that things are not as they once

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