Analysis Of Catherine Davis And Dylan Thomas

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Death, a subject we tent to restrain from in conversation. Wither for personal fear of leaving, or losing someone close to us. Poets Catherine Davis and Dylan Thomas both have different and unique views on the topic of death. One believes we should rage at the end while the other sees all losses being the same after a time. Personally I see death as returning to a place we cannot remember. Our innocents.
Catherine Davis’s After a Time points to the way we will all leave this life. The phase “we go stripped as we came” is connecting the beginning of life with the end and the similarity between them. We all enter this world with nothing, naked and surrounded by high emotions from those who love us. When we leave it’s the same, the only thing
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I say this not because I cannot choose but because both poets have values points and both pieces are opinions and with an opinion there is never a right or wrong. We should rage against the dying light for the joys of life are worth fighting for. We can’t answer the question of why must we die but we should want to live as long as we can. Not only for ourselves but for those around us as well. Accepting the faith of death also in a twisted way should be a joy, because of what you leave, the good and the bad. Leaving behind the stress and heartache that this life can contain, but also the loving memories you leave behind for your love ones. This life can be tiring and death is a peaceful rest and return to your own innocents. Both Davis and Thomas’s concepts are relatable. If we’ve experience the death of a close love one, sometimes we ask why? Why was this person taken away from us why couldn’t I have more time? We want them to fight, but then we also see death as peace (rest in peace). Of course we miss fallen love ones, but we can see death as a better place, which is what I think Davis sees. Weather your religious and believe in a life after death or if you believe we eternally rest peacefully beneath the soil away from daily problems or

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