Comparison Of Books In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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One of the best American novel Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953. The author Ray Bradbury born in Waukegan, Illinois has written several books but Fahrenheit 451 is one of his best. It’s a short novel that consist of only 179 pages. Published by Ballantine Books which has become one of Bradbury’s most popular work of fiction. Fahrenheit 451 was also turned into a stage version of the novel as well. The book is about a society that believes that reading books is a crime and the people are very controlled by the government. There are fireman who are in charge of burning the books and finding people who have books who are breaking the law. There’s this one fireman named Montag who encounters a girl named Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse is …show more content…
As he 's reading he ask Mildred for her support but she rather watch tv like every other human and not read books so he turns to a man named Frable he once met at the park whom was a retired english professor. Montag goes to Frable and Frable goes on and telling him the importance of books and agrees to help Montag read. They come up with a master plan to print books and to plant books in other fireman to get rid of the job. Montag is given an ear piece before heading home so that Frable can monitor conversation and whisper into Montag 's ear. Montag arrives at his house to find mildred and two of her friends watching tv and Montag starts reading Dover Beach and these women are appalled. Montag goes to the firestation and hands in one book Beatty and suddenly they get a call and they rush over only to find out that it 's his house and that Mildred betrayed him. Beatty wants Montag to burn his own house down with a flamethrower but instead Montag gets it and burns Beatty and runs but the mechanical hound injects Montag leg with anesthetic. He was able to escape the with some books and hides in another fireman 's house and plants the books and calls from a …show more content…
Has a hard time making decisions, ignorant, and sometimes rash. His friend chief Beatty is head fireman whose hypocritical because Beatty burns books but he also quotes books therefore he reads which he isn 't practicing what he preaches. Last but not least we have Frable. A very intelligent man who is a coward but at the end he comes through and gets courage.
Fahrenheit 451 takes place somewhere in the twenty-fourth century. The city is unidentified it 's just a regular city. I do not believe the setting impacted nor was a major key factor to the story because it 's in a city that is not specific. It 's just a made up city. I feel as if the time period is a key factor of the story due to the fact that in the 1990 there was two atomic bombs just like the bombs that wiped out the city in the end of the book.
I think that the author 's main purpose in writing this book was to teach us to never be afraid to be different and to fight for what we want. In the book it was a crime to read books but people still did it. Some people even died protecting their books and i feel like he was trying to get that point across that it 's okay to be different and to fight in what we believe. I also think that he was trying to get across to not be ignorant. Ignorance is bliss, in the book people just don 't read books but had no idea

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