Billy Dobels Character Analysis

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Billy Dobels and Brian Phung have been really close friends for around three years now. Billy is a funny guy. He knows how to turn a boring event into a fun one in a matter of minutes. A lot of his friends say that he is the life of the the party. Brian is a quiet guy and the valedictorian of his high school class. He likes to stick to himself and only his close friends. Occasionally he is one of the funniest guys in his school. Even though there are many differences between Billy and Brian, they are more alike than most people realise.
There is a lot to know about Billy’s appearance. Billy is caucasian and has jet black hair and deep brown eyes the color of wet cardboard. He wears his hair long on top and short on the sides. The hair on
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Billy is a third degree black belt in tae kwon do. He loves it so much that he got a job teaching at his dojo. Another one of Billy's interests is that he is big into playing and performing music through his school. He is in his schools Wind Ensemble, Marching Band, and Winter Drumline. He plays percussion in all three of these ensembles and is very good at it. One day he had a competition for the Winter Drumline and had to go to his test for his third degree black belt. He could not decide which was more important to him for a few weeks straight. In the end he decided to go to the Drumline competition. He was able to reschedule his test to a later …show more content…
Brian really loves music and he hopes to pursue that through a career in music performance and composition. Not only can he play really well, but he can compose also. Currently, Brian is working on a mixtape about all the different kinds of sounds throughout music. He recently played one of his songs for some people who know a lot about music, and they all loved it. Once this mixtape is released, people all over the music community will hear it through Soundcloud and love it. He could very well become one of the next great stars of the music industry. Some similarities between Billy and Brian’s have in their career choices are that they have known what they have wanted to do of a long time. Billy through the Air Force, and Brian through his music. As for the actual content of the careers, they could not be more different. Even though there are many differences between Billy and Brian, they are more alike than most people realise. Billy and Brian both have the same style of clothing and have black hair and brown eyes. Another similarity between them is there love for music. Also they have known about what they have wanted to do since they were little. The differences are that Brian has glasses, Billy is a black belt, and they both want different career

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