Compare And Contrast Danny And Reuven

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Danny and Reuven are proof that opposites do attract. They met by an unfortunate event where Reuven got hit in the eye by Danny’s ball in a game of baseball. Reuven’s eye was pretty badly injured and he was taken to the hospital. While Reuven was in the hospital recovering from his injury, Danny visited him and tried to mend what had been broken by saying he was sorry. At first, Reuven wanted nothing to do with Danny,but Reuven’s father convinced him to accept Danny’s plea for forgiveness. Eventually Danny and Reuven became close after going to Shabbat services together and studying Talmud together. Despite their differences in culture, family life, and ambition Danny and Reuven both enjoy baseball and have the same basic beliefs in the Jewish …show more content…
They have a lot of things that are different between the two of them, but their interests and core beliefs are quite similar. In Chapter One, it shows that both Danny and Reuven have a love for baseball. They both show a true love for the sport. They are both quite competitive in that particular activity. They also both have similar personality traits. They show this especially when Danny invites Reuven over for a Shabbat service in Chapter 7. They both recognize that Reb Saunders made a mistake and they are both able to fix it.They both are very intelligent and logical. They are very smart and intuitive in two particular subjects: psychology and mathematics.In chapter 13, it shows that they are good in those subjects when they both excel in college. The one thing they are very fluent and excel in is studying the Talmud. They both grew up studying the Talmud and are very good at it. When they would spend time together, they would study Talmud. They went to Shabbat services together and would go to each other houses to study Talmud. In Chapter 12, Reuven stays at Danny’s house and they study Talmud together. Despite their different upbringing and cultures, they both have a common core knowledge of the Jewish law and religion. Perhaps the reason they get along so well is that they both enjoy studying Talmud together. Despite their differences in culture and ambitions in life, they have multiple similarities such as core beliefs, interests, and character traits. Danny and Reuven are similar in ways and different in others which might be why they get along so well and are such good friends. They both get along very well and have a good friendship that will stand the test of time. Their differences are what makes them such good friends. Some friendships work the best when the potential friends are different in some ways just like Danny and

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