Essay Comparison Between The Quran And The Bible

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An analysis of the Biblical material in the Quran.
2.0 Aims And Objectives:
The research aims to unearth:
1.The similarities between the Quran and the Bible
2.The differences between the Quran and the Bible
The research will take a look at particular cases: Mary, Moses, and David and contrast the manner in which they differ in the two texts.
3.0 Research Question
Are there any similarities or differences between the Quran and the Bible? What contents of the Bible can be found in the Quran?
4.0 Literature Review.
4.10 A general overview.
The two Holy Scriptures have similarities constituting of narratives, rebukes, teachings, and poetry. They both have the same basic figures and events. The creation of the world is addressed in the two books, and God is portrayed to be omniscient, almighty, and commanding (Pregill, 2007). The commanding aspect emanates from the morality that has to be followed. Muslims hold that Allah dictated every word of the Quran to minimize possible human errors that may arise. Christians also hold that the Bible was written by God through human beings in a process that is regarded to as the divine inspiration (Lazarus-Yafeh & Hava, 2014).
The stories in the Quran lay emphasis on spiritual and moral significance. Some Muslims opt to turn to the Bible for a full picture of the person concerned. Guidelines are present as to how Muslims can understand the Bible. For example, the Quran is perceived to be authoritative than the Bible. Any view that the Quran…

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