Comparison Between Greek Mythology And The Movie ' The Night '

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Throughout the movie, there are several references to other stories and characters throughout Greek mythology. However this attempt is for the most part inaccurate and includes main characters that have absolutely no contact with Hercules or warps their characteristics and meshes characters/stories together simply to create the plot Disney wanted. Some quick examples before going into depth with the main characters include references to the tragedy of Oedipus, the plagues and troubles in the city of Thebes because of his marriage to his mother, and of course the famously quoted line "...And then that, that play! That Oedipus thing...Man, I thought I had problems(Hercules, 1997)"! Half way through the movie famous statues of the gods and other Greek characters are shown in the garden but the most memorable is the famous statue of Aphrodite (Venus de Milo) that is portrayed when Hercules accidentally breaks off her arms while skipping stones in the pond. Surprisingly Narcissus makes an appearance in the film, gazing lovingly and blowing kisses at himself in a mirror on Mount Olympus with the other gods. This is completely inaccurate because according to the myths, he was turned into a flower and still remains at the river of Styx(Classical Mythology, 334). He also wasn 't a god, therefore he would certainly not have been celebrating with the gods on Mount Olympus. And finally, at the beginning of the film a reference is made to Charon, the man at the gate of the Underworld who…

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