Essay on Comparison Between Eastern And Western Education

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Wester versus Eastern Education Education of youth, specifically between Eastern and Western cultures, requires focus on matters such as values, discipline, and education. Western and Eastern education have their own individual values which may affect the students education. Western culture values emphasizes on being sociable and establishing networks. Children of American culture are taught at a young age to socialize well with other children. Western parents encourages out of school activities such as a play date, sleep overs, parties and celebration in hopes of their children bonding with other students. Extracurricular activities that involve group communication such as sports, clubs, and day care centers are encouraged by parents as well, because it teaches children to work well together as team work is important. Eastern culture values independence so children are taught to be well prepared for their future. Children are not allowed to attend sleep overs, parties with other students, and play days. Instead of Eastern parents encouraging children to be social, Chinese children are required to take many after school lessons aside from what they are taught in school; values are also taught at home in chinese cultures by their parents. Examples of Eastern values would be to clean up after themselves, help parents with chores, and expectation of being able to fend for themselves within the household. Discipline is widely different between American and Chinese cultures…

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