Comparison and Contrast of Strategic Development Between Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines

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Each of the organization will have their own strategy to operating the business, and the organization are running the business and competing with the competitors. Each organization must develop a strategy that best matches its internal capabilities and its situation with regard to the external environment, economy, customer desire and requirement, each organization may change their strategy from time to time. In the following paragraphs will be comparison and contrast of strategic development in between Virgin Atlantic Airways and Singapore Airlines.

3.1 Strategic Development

Virgin Atlantic Airways and Singapore Airlines are using different strategic development.

3.1.1 Emergent and Intended Strategies

Virgin Atlantic
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Differentiation Strategy

In a differentiation strategy an organization seeks to be unique in its industry along some dimensions that are widely valued by buyers. It selects one or more attributes that many buyers in an industry perceive as important, and uniquely positions to meet those needs. It is rewarded for its uniqueness with a premium price.

Focus Strategy

The focus strategy is the choice of a narrow competitive scope within an industry. The focuser selects a segment or group of segments in the industry and tailors its strategy to serving them to the exclusion of others. The focus strategy has two variants: cost focus and differentiation focus; Cost focus is an organization seeks a cost advantage in its target segment. Differentiation Focus is an organization seeks differentiation in its target segment.

3.2.1 Competitive Strategy of Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Atlantic is focus on the Differentiation and Differentiation Focus competitive strategy.

Virgin has delivering the image to consumer is fun and innovation. In the plane, they can provide the following entertainment and services: TV and movie channel, audio channel in different kind of music, Nintendo games, bulkhead telephone, retail and beauty therapy.

For the seat arrangement is different from another airline; Virgin has three classes of service: Economy, Premium Economy and

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