The Virgin Group: A Case Study Of The Virgin Group

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The Virgin Group
A. Introduction

It started in 1968 Sir Richard Branson as the founder of the The Virgin Group built his first business. He created youth magazines named youth and continue his business by building label record company named Virgin in 1970. And back in these days, Sir Richard Branson has known as the billionaire in England with many companies that he owned under the name of Virgin. Virgin group consisted of many companies under the founder itself Sir Richard Branson. He is really successful entrepreneur who owned many companies start from the sectors of transport, travel, entertainment, telcoms and media, and also leisure. The companies that has named Virgin will be known as big multinational companies underSir Richard Branson as the founder. Nowadays the company is getting bigger and Sir Richard Branson really succeed in buiding the brand of the name of Virgin itself. But at his age right now, Sir Richard Branson choose to more focused to the
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The companies considering in changing the policy in order to accommodate being independent and joint ventures to keep rely on the short term profit on few of its business whenever the companies face any kind of challenges, obstacle or even the companies needed to prepare the falling of the companies in order to prevent the big loss. The policy that Virgin Companies applied in the future cooperated strategy was the ring fenced policy which is becomes important in the revenue making of the companies that should be saved and it should be supported during the low times. The Virgin companies also depend on their brand image from further dilution, by being less diversified thus how the Virgin companies survive in making the companies to be strong in facing any kind of challenges that might

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