Comparing Two Different Approaches of Curriculum and Their Benefits

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This essay will focus on two different curriculum approaches and it's benefit in children's education taking in to consideration the values and aims It will at teacher’s role or guidance in the learning environment and how parents and care givers to contribute towards their children’s education
Olivia 1997 defined curriculum is as the content chosen to be taught or subjects that are most useful for the contemporary living to reach a goal. While Robert M. Hutchins viewed curriculum as changes that occur in society. He emphasized that, English, mathematics and science coupled with discipline should be the sole source of curriculum and changes
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There are different approaches to curriculum and teachers and educators need to develop these approaches for interacting with children in a way will meet the needs of each child. Two forms of these approaches in curriculum are the Montessori approach and Early Year Foundation Stage (EFYS)
The Montessori educational approach was developed by an Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori. It entails children being put in a well-planned and controlled setting which will meet their individual educational and cultural needs. The children are free to pursue their own interests within this setting, rather than being imposed to learn something that is unsuitable to their developmental period. This lead to the children developing in a natural and highly motivated way with self discipline and being able to master basic skills often earlier than in the traditional system of education. In order to achieve these results, teachers are trained in specific skills and the curriculum is carefully designed to mirror the children’s own culture and educational needs.
There are three basic elements of the Montessori approach to education that is;
The Structured Environment also referred to as the ‘Prepared Environment’ is the physical appearance and arrangement of the learning equipments sticking to certain principles which focuses on meeting the needs of the child. It is the teacher’s responsibility to

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