Comparing The White American Vs. Black American View Of The Historical Moment President Obama

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I’ve chosen to compare & contrast the white American vs. black American view of the historical moment President Barack Obama became president of the United States of America. The three points I would like to analyze are; President Barack Obama’s skin color, the Obama Care health care policy, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

I believe it would be correct to assume that the electing of our first Black president in the USA brought to the forefront a racial issue that has been prevalent and apparent, and yet hidden amongst the masses. As the first Black president, what has Barack Obama experienced in regards to the color of his skin, this is the question I would like to propose. MSNBC’s news anchor, Chris Hayes reported the following in 2008, “President Obama is the first ever African–American to hold the Nation 's highest office, and now he is the first president to be openly heckled during an address in a joint session of Congress. He has been compared to Hitler at town hall meetings where many people have showed up with loaded guns; Conservative radio/TV hosts call him a racist with a deep-seeded hatred for white people, his birth and nationality has been contested; he has been called anything from a socialist to a fascist. Every president faces scathing criticism from the fanatical fringe, but this … feels different. Even officials in the Secret Service acknowledged that threats to President Obama 's life have been coming in at four times as often as they were for…

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