Comparing The Differences Between Relational Db And Nosql Db Essay

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Question 1: Comparing the differences between relational DB and NoSQL DB. Will NoSQL DB replace relational DB? Why or why not?

Database is a repository of data that stores the data, retrieves the data, updates the data, delete the data on specific instructions by the database administrator or a legal user. Most of the databases are hierarchical. In simple terms a database is an organized collection of data. Databases can of different types, different sizes and use different methods to store the data within. These include ordered/unordered lists, flat files, ISAM(Indexed Sequential Access Method), heap files, hash buckets, or B+ trees(1). Each form has its own particular advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used methods are B+ trees and ISAM. Such forms or structures are one aspect of the overall schema used by a database engine to store information. The purpose of a database is to keep track of things(2).

A byte is a character of data. In databases, bytes are grouped into columns(2). Columns are also called fields. Columns or fields, in turn, are grouped into rows, which are also called records. Finally, a group of similar rows or records is called a table or a file(2). Many identical tables are developed in the database in which the data resides. All these tables in a database are interconnected through the relationships between tables or within rows using the primary key and foreign key. A key (also called a primary key) is a column or group of columns that…

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