Essay about Comparing The Book ' Crazy '

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Compare and contrast essay Freshman year of high school at a youth event my best friend Julia walked up and introduced herself to me. Our then boyfriends played on the same football team and were friends. We had known about each other through other friends and were nervous to meet each other. Comparing myself to Julia makes me see how I appear to others, we have similar lives yet also have some differences in them. Crazy is the best way to describe Julia or Jules as I call her. She has the funniest personality, she is goofy and bubbly. Laughter is mostly all that flows from her, she stays in a constant state of giggles and smiles. If you 're her friend she will talk your ears off, but if she doesn 't know you then she’ll be very reserved and quiet. She tends to crack these lame jokes that only she and I find funny, everyone else doesn 't find it humerous. She is compassionate and loves people, since first meeting her she has always been a people person. Although she has a lot of positive personality traits she has some negative ones. She is a people person however sometimes she turns into a people pleaser and tries to make everyone like her. She tends to get down on herself and criticizes harshly which isn 't always great. My personality is a whole lot like Julia’s, however there are some differences. She is crazy with a side of cranky. Whereas I am crazy with a side of happy. I am a very compassionate person, I thoroughly enjoy people. Goofy is a good way to describe…

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