Comparing The And The Traditional Models Of Validity Essay

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Compare and contrast the PF and the traditional models of validity The meaning and definition of validity has evolved from the review of Meehl’s classic (1995), although validity research emphasizes on assessing the relationship between predictor and criterion where in most cases the criterion becomes the self report. There are two models of validity which include the process-focused (PF) model and the traditional validity model. In the two models, they both test for the relationship between test score and criterion as well as the researchers will improve psychology’s assessment procedures. Assessment is a common change to the two models which is experienced by psychology in the diverse subfields. There is something which is measured in the two models which may be in different forms such as an observation, symptoms, skills, dyadic interactions, ability among others. In both models, validity is determined but using different methods and approaches. Having the two models of validity in place, they can never be the same in a couple of ways. The present article which is referred to as the process-focused model makes an effort in describing a certain approach to attaining validity which is the same in the traditional validity model where the approach depends on the outcome. In the process-focused model, the concept of validity is based in the degree to which respondents to participate in predictable psychological process in the time of assessment. While in traditional validity…

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