Essay about Comparing Stendhal And Goethe 's Journey Of Rome

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Rome is a magical place that has interesting effects on the many people that go there. A prime example of this is Stendhal and Goethe, who both went to Rome around the same time. Goethe was there near the end of the 18th century and Stendhal was there around the beginning of the 19th century. The two of them experienced some of the same things while there, but mainly their visits contrasted vastly. This may have been because they chose to experience different things or for other unknown other reasons. Whatever the reasons may have been for causing the experiences that they had, they definitely both had experiences that changed how they looked at Rome and that affected their lives forever. Stendhal’s journey of Rome in Rome, Naples, and Florence and Goethe’s journey of Rome in Italian Journey happened within about twenty years of each other. For the city of Rome that is not a really long time span, so one might expect their experiences to be quite similar, but this is not the case here. Stendhal and Goethe had almost completely different experiences, but there were a few similarities. They both had problems with the church at the time of them being there. Goethe was a little disappointed with the mass he attended saying, “But when I saw that he was just moving back and forth before the altar, turning now to the side, now to that, gesturing and murmuring like an ordinary priest then the Protestant original sin raised its head, and I was no longer pleased to see the familiar,…

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