Essay about Comparing Social And Medical Model Of Disability

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Comparing Social and Medical Model of Disability
There are many viewpoints, disputes and assumptions when the word disability enters a conversation. The meaning of disability has changed over the years due to research and inventions. Two main viewpoints of disability are the social model and the medical model. The medical model views disability as an illness and the need to discover a remedy to get rid of the restrictions. The social model focuses on disability as a style of life that needs to be integrated into society through government policies and giving society the necessary instruments to see disability in a better light. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of these models by comparing , contrasting and critiquing them.Background
The perceptions of the word “disability” have changed over the years. Researchers, medical professionals, advocates, observers and government policies have developed new and improved meaning for the word over the years. The most generic meaning of disability is the limited capability or inability to do or engage in some or all tasks of daily life. The word “disability” has gone through many modifications and variations. Among the variations, the most intriguing, relatable and affective meanings are derived from the social model.
There are two main perspectives of disability that have been discoursing. The standpoints are the social model and the medical model. Both models have their strengths and…

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