Comparing John Taylor Gatto And Sir Ken Robinson Essay

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Compare and Contrast “John Taylor Gatto and Sir Ken Robinson” Essay
In the United States, public education is required for all students from kindergarten through 12th grade. All children in the United States have access to free public school. The funds are generated from tax subsidies for public school funding. Likewise, funding comes from the state, local, and federal government. Generally, the responsibility of public schools is to train all students to excel as educated, responsible, global citizens. There are challenges facing the system of public schools in the United States, and these drew the attention of John Taylor Gatto and Sir Ken Robinson. Both of them valued the importance of education in the life of students especially those who attend public schools. Gatto and Robinson have different opinions about what the problems are in current education system, what is the background of current education, and how to lift education to a better standard level.
In “Against School,” written by John Taylor Gatto, he was subjective to the standard of America 's educational system. When Gatto was concerned with the public school system, he recognized that boredom is a common condition of teachers and students in public schools. Therefore, teachers who do not have incentives and lack understanding to make work interesting to students get bored. Likewise, students get bored in schools because they found the school teachings dull and repetitive. Neither students nor teachers knew…

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