Comparing Friedrich Katz, Born, The United States, And The Mexican Revolution

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Friedrich Katz, born in Vienna, Austria as a young child he had to flee his native land to seek refuge with his family in the United States, later moving into Mexico. It was through his rough childhood that he was influenced by the Mexican culture. He earned his doctorate degree the University of Vienna. He is known to be a great scholar of Mexican history for his time, it was he who placed a new platform on the Aztec civilization, his book The Ancient American Civilizations, details anthropological research conducted. At Humboldt University (1956) Katz along with others conducted research that stated Mexico role with European diplomatic history. This research was later introduced in a book called, The Secret War in Mexico: Europe, the United States, and the Mexican Revolution. He later went to work as a professor at the University of Chicago (1972) , his works brought the University to be one of the top for Mexican historical studies. In 2000 he published another book, this time about a single person, and a single cause, the Mexican Revolution, and Pancho Villa, called The Life and Times of Pancho Villa. His works and efforts to raise the attention and importance of Mexican history was a clear success. His dedicated coming from childhood, as his family along with himself sought refuge in Mexico. Due to his spontaneous works and efforts he made brought the Revolution of Mexico into global historiography. He was widely respected by Mexican citizens including government…

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