Comparing Faust 'And Breaking Bad'

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almost 200 years apart, the similarities in each story can mirror the ideas and concepts each, author or producer, trying to get across. Many television shows and film ideas are drawn from key historical writings, produce a spinoff of a specific story, or use similar ideas to help convey a fresh new story. Goethe’s Faust, for example has very similar ideas to those contemporary ideas of “Breaking Bad”. The similarities between such a contemporary story, like “Breaking Bad”, as a form of the Faust legend, and Faust by Goethe demonstrated character resemblances, similar intensions, and over all parallel themes.
In Faust, the play opens with a devil by the name of Mephistopheles who makes a bet with the Lord that he will turn one of the Lord's servant to evil. Faust is just that person. He is a man, a scholar, and an alchemist who wants to help those around him. Faust gives the impression of a despairing state as he considers the knowledge he has gained. Contemplating suicide, his mind is changed after listening to a chorus of angels at an Easter celebration. Basking in a transformed faith, and cheered by the local townspeople he comes upon a black dog, which is Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles then takes Faust to a tavern, then precedes to give Faust a concoction to
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Yes, he did make Meth, and yes, he did become a drug lord but nothing really ever happened to him, as things happened to Faust and Jesse. Jesse tried to help those around him. Jesse takes care of his recent girlfriend’s son, Tomas, and he also assists Mike with his “dirty work”. Comparable Faust when he tried to heal those who were affected by the plague. Jesse also lost one of his girlfriends as Faust lost Gretchen. When believing that Jesse is Faust, this contemporary story; one can clearly see that the manipulations Walt makes is an obvious Mephistopheles

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