Walter White Morality Essay

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A Classification of Walter White’s Morality Methamphetamine, commonly known as “meth,” is a chemical substance that affects human nervous system in many undesirable ways. Despite of its many physical, social, and environmental side effects, meth consumption is continuous among teenage males. Both Adam Barkman and Greg Littmann present their views on a fictional producer of this deadly substance, Walter White; and how Walt’s morals and his thoughts about meth production have impacted his character, and his actions of producing meth has questioned legal rights and wrongs of recreational and legal drugs production and its producer. Although both authors argue different aspects of the same topic, they differ when it comes to the question of Walt’s …show more content…
All drugs are classified as a chemical solution that affects the process of mind and/or body. Barkman describes the clear headedness principle as, “Clouding our mind with crazy hallucinations,... [and] actually doing harm to us psychologically since the mind naturally functions best without such diversions” (Barkman 2-3). Barkman’s argument reflects that our mind needs its own time to think and make a decision. Decisions made by a person whose mind is influenced by other substances should be considered unfair, and impaired. As a result, the human brain will not be able to think logically and end up making irrational decisions. Barkman draws a clear and distinct line between what is moral and what is immoral. Meth consumption clouds our minds and “especially if it’s Walt’s 99 percent pure ice—can cause increases of up to 1200 percent. When the relevant cells are depleted of dopamine, the person crashes” (Barkman 7). Barkman’s factual evidences convince readers that their minds need to be clear before making a decision. The person loses his or her self-control after consuming very pure meth. Barkman states that Walt’s neat meth can lead a person to lose control over his or her thoughts. Contrastingly, Littmann’s article is constructed on the idea of comparing two deadly drugs, tobacco and meth. Littmann compares two bad drugs to prove the morality of Walt’s actions and production of meth. Littmann is desperately trying to prove his assertion by constantly comparing two equally dangerous drugs. Littmann states, “we must allow that workers in many perfectly legal industries are guilty of inflicting terrible wrongs. Tobacco kills people…, If we do blame Walt and other meth cooks for enabling meth use, we’ll presumably also have to blame many legal industries for enabling other harmful habits,” (Littmann 2-4). Littmann’s repeated arguments indicate that he

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