Comparing Ebooks And Books On Stolen Electronic Readers Essay

709 Words Nov 13th, 2015 3 Pages
In today’s society, people consider eBooks and paper books two very different method of reading. EBooks are lighter, and give the reader the ability to read in any lighting but lack the comfort associated with paper books. On the other hand, both have sharing opportunities, come in a variety of genres and, cost relatively the same.
With paper-books, going to re-read can prove difficult if one has a large library; in fact, this can prove impossible if by chance one of the elements destroy said fragile paper book. The patience and time it takes to find the books a person may have lost or stolen can sometimes sully the enthusiasm one had to read in the first place. The solution to this problem presents itself in the form of eBooks. They can download to any electronic device and have easy to use organizational systems that allow people to find their books faster. Furthermore, electronic books do not have the weight of actual books. Also restoring books on stolen electronic readers represents no challenge in today’s society. The ease of access and protection electronic readers provide make them an obvious choice for today’s youth.
Secondly, reading paper books necessitates light of some form; without light, one cannot see the words in a paper book. Therefore, any activity that involves no continuous source of light sorely limits a reader’s ability to read a paper book. However, with electronic books the electronic reader provides a source of light for continuous reading no matter…

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