Compare The Differences Of Hockey Vs. Golf

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When you think of hockey you probably think that it is played on ice, it 's very fast paced, it 's cold, and it’s very physical. Also, when you think of golf you probably think it 's on a grass course, it takes lots of time, it 's warm. Which is true, on the outside these sports look very different from each other. But when taking a closer look into these two sports there are actually striking similarities that are rarely seen. Hockey and golf are extremely similar sports because both require practice and mental strength if testing one’s abilities is what one is looking for in a sport.
One of the toughest parts about playing hockey and golf is bouncing back after making a mistake. You get an almost empty feeling after making a mistake, but
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And that is facet of requiring lots of practice both during the sports season or during its off season. Hockey is a game about getting better all of the time or else you will fall behind other people that are constantly getting better. That is why it requires so much time to improve on the little things like your stride and your shot. During the summer I worked out, and each time I worked out I focused on the little things that would make my stride more powerful and explosive. I would work with a power skating coach to improve on this by using parachutes and weight vests. And to improve on my shot it required more time off the ice shooting pucks in my garage for hours at a time. The only way to get better is to practice, practice, practice and then practice some more. Therefore, practice is a vital factor in succeeding in …show more content…
When thinking of some of the great hockey plays like Wayne Gretzky, Jeremy Roenick and Marty St. Louis you would never think of them as being golfers. But in fact they are, and them playing hockey is a big part of that. As Marty St. Louis also says "There 's the same weight transfer ' ' he is talking about the swing and the shot, they both require the same weight transfer. Also, the slapshot in hockey and the golf swing both follow the same angle in the wind up for both. There are even several professional golfers today that first played hockey before they played golf, one of these names being being Graham DeLaet who is a very successful professional golfer who grew up playing hockey. There are so many things in common between these two sports and examples of it are shown through people in their sporting

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