Compare The Chrysanthemums And A Doll's House

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A Difference in Storytelling
In John Steinbeck’s, The Chrysanthemums and Henrik Ibsen’s, A Doll’s House, they share a common theme about women being repressed by society. Though they both share this common theme, each writer chooses to reveal the theme throughout the story in different, unique ways. Steinbeck chooses to use symbolism and setting to portray the theme, whereas Ibsen uses dialog as the main method to portray the theme.
In the Chrysanthemums, Steinbeck chooses to write the short story in the third person. The reader gets to sit back and watch as the narrator follows the story from Elisa’s point of view. The reader does not get to see inside Elisa’s head at any point throughout the story, this is mainly because Steinbeck does not
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One of the main symbols related to this theme is the chrysanthemums. Elisa believes herself to be a strong woman and beautiful like the flower but also believes herself to be treated like an object, like the flower, to use merely to look pretty rather than an equal partner to her husband. When the tinkerer throws her chrysanthemums to the side of the road, it really ends up showing how society has thrown away her ideas, talents, and ambitions. Where Steinbeck uses symbolism to express Elisa’s feelings, Ibsen chooses to use the dialog between Nora and the other characters to express feelings and portray the …show more content…
In the Chrysanthemums, Elisa chooses to sink back into what society wants her to be rather than taking her short-lived strength and using it to take a stand. This ending was meant to tell the readers that this is what women were feeling but were too afraid to show, but in A Doll’s House, Nora is forceful and stands up to her husband and decides to leave him and her children to rediscover herself. This ending was meant to empower women to take a stand against the inequality between genders. Both theses pieces of writing sadly have no happy ending. Steinbeck and Ibsen chose to have these ending be rather controversial because they wanted the readers and viewers to take their message into deep consideration and think about the idea that maybe not all women are happy in the roles that society has forced upon them.
Both The Chrysanthemums and A Doll’s House are written in vastly different ways using different techniques but still end up coming to a common theme. Where Steinbeck uses a subtle method of discussing women 's rights through setting and symbolism, Ibsen uses an upfront method through his characters dialog. Both techniques are effective and both showed the inequality between women and

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