Compare Contrast Kfc And Mcdonalds

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When people think about KFC, golden and crispy chicken appears in their brain. The delicious sauce and tasty flavor remind people of how amazing the KFC secret recipe is. Buckets, Chicken Combos and popcorn chicken, top sellers of KFC, the best chicken franchise. However, the master of various of hamburgers, Mcdonalds, appear in every corner, every town, and every city and countries worldwide, attracts customers by making the Big Mac, the Signature Wrap and the Mighty Angus. These two multi-billion corporations, amongst the world’s largest companies, started their competition. McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken are convenient restaurants, but they differ in terms of environment and food options. Ultimately McDonalds is the superior restaurant …show more content…
As an secondary matter, there are over 35,000 McDonalds outlets in 118 countries. Yet 18,875 KFC restaurants are also found in 118 countries. In brief, they are everywhere, but McDonalds are more convenient than KFC because McDonalds has spent more money on building drive-bys, which meets the majority of people who are in a rush. Drive-bys are effectively used when people are in a rush in the morning, they can simply receive a delicious, nutritious breakfast without leaving the car. However, McDonalds has cheaper items on their menu.
To add, McDonalds and KFC both have cheap foods. The cost per meal for these two restaurant are between $8 and $10 dollars. But McDonalds contains less in equal nutrition compared to KFC. For instance, a Double Quarter Pounder Burger with Cheese in McDonalds contains 780 calories and costs only $4.79. Yet a big crunch in KFC has 620 calories but costs $6.49. In McDonalds, medium French fries are served as $1.79 which has 340 calories, but KFC offered $4.99 which contains only 311 calories. To conclude, McDonalds has lower price, and more nutrition, whereas KFC sets their products in a high price and less
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There is data stating that McDonald has spent over $1 billion for Canadian renovations. First, they tear out the old plastic interiors, and replacing them with plasma televisions, leather furniture and fireplaces. They also increase fire power in the kitchen to offer new menu items, to enlarge the drive-through to make them more convenient. Overall, the renovation is making the restaurants more comfortable and inviting. But the change which most people concern about is the free Wi-Fi.
McDonalds offer high speed, free wireless internet access across Canada, which is suitable for working. Which attracts people who want free Wi-Fi with a nice cup of coffee and spend sometime at a nearby McDonalds restaurant, find a cozy sit, stay there for several hours. Naturally, they will order a cup of coffee to reduce the toil, or a meal to fulfill their empty stomach in McDonalds while they are working. By comparison, KFC does not have free wireless Wi-Fi and the comfort environment, yet this is not the only thing they don’t have, they don’t offer what people love - the

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