Clash Between Eastern And Western Hemispheres

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East vs. West: The Great Hemispheric Clash
The Eastern and Western hemispheres are unique in their own ways, the individualities between the two regions is explained by the isolation the Atlantic ocean gave them. The hemispheres had no idea of the others existence until the late 15th century. The Eastern hemisphere had resources at their disposal to help travel vast regions. Horses and camels enabled them to transport heavy materials, which help build kingdoms and empires. The Western Hemisphere went without this vital commodity, adapted to their environment in different less advanced ways. The Eastern hemisphere used horses and camels to establish trade networks throughout the EuroAsian region and encountered new areas, cultures, and most
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As Europeans began to take over America the tools that they had developed over years, with the help of established trade networks, would be used to enslave people as they looked for further wealth in the “New World.” Tools such as their weapons like the musket, which was developed through experimentation with gunpowder. Gunpowder brought to the Europeans from China, where it was used primarily for fireworks and entertainment. Robert Strayer illustrates how gunpowder was transferred in this age of trade, “the Chinese formula for gunpowder, invented around 1000,became available in Europe, together with some early and simple firearms, these innovations triggered the development of cannons in the early fourteenth century.(Strayer)” Other advance weapons and armor, forged from steel gave Europeans a deadly advantage as they conquered the defenseless indigenous people in America. These weapons would not have been available to Europeans if they did not have horses that established trade between vast regions, unfortunately for the Americans they did not have horses so their technology was dismal. Dismal because warfare between American tribes was limited, and their weapons had no need to evolve to deal with things like, inter-state warfare, religious wars, or conquering empires that were all to common for their European counterparts. Another tool used to conquer the Americans was the wide use of ships to transport materials to and from the Americas. Ships that had been developed over decades to travel around the Atlantic to gain resources from rich areas. These ships were used to transports soldiers (Conquistadors) to America to sack cities and gain new resources. Ships were also used as communication between the conquistadors and the Spanish

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