Compare and Contrast the Relationship Between Evaluation and Supervision

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Evaluation and supervision are the core processes in determining standards and maintaining quality in education. The assumption is they enhance teacher’s performance and boost the learners’ achievements. Evaluation is a function of policy while supervision administrative tools. This paper is focussing on the definitions, types, purposes, roles, differences and similarities of these two key processes. It will also look at why the two are necessary in any education system and what problems are associated with each of them.
Evaluation Defined
Chivore (1994:2) defines evaluation as a “rational enterprise which examines the effects of policies, projects and programmes on their targets- individuals, institutions, communities”. A systematic and
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Supervision is meant to monitor, direct, guide and evaluate. It is a continuous process that enhances the quality of teaching and learning activities. Supervision of any school ordinarily refers to the improvement of the total teaching-learning situation and the conditions that affect them. It is a socialized functions designs to improve instruction by working with the people who are working with the students/pupils. Supervision can also be defined in terms of function and purposes for which it shall be used as a) skills in leadership, b) skills in human relation, c) skill in group process, d) skill in personnel administration and e) skill in evaluation.
Kunakahakudyiwe (2012) in Excellence in Teacher Education defines supervision as ‘guiding, helping, correcting, advising and mentoring or demonstrating how tasks may be done. It becomes a tool to monitor work and workload, assuring that work is completed, quality and quantity control, appropriate implementation of policies and procedures. It is the assessment of skills, evaluation of needs, provision of learning experiences, upgrading of knowledge and skills. It provides support, understanding and assistance, understanding emotional needs. The supervisor provides employees with a supportive environment as they work with different learners.
Supervision can then be summed up as a tool that encourages professional growth,

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