“Compare and Contrast the Portrait of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of John.”

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Throughout the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it is apparent that there are similarities as well as differences when it comes to portraying the life and times of Jesus the Christ, the general descriptions of who Jesus was, and the sayings and deeds of Jesus during his short stay on this earth. Scripture scholars highlight that each Gospel writer viewed Jesus from a different perspective.

“The Church has always and everywhere maintained, and continues to maintain, the apostolic origin of the four Gospels. The apostles preached, as Christ had charged them to do, and then, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they and others of the apostolic age handed on to us in writing the same message they had preached, the
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It has been said that the fourth Gospel, that of the Gospel of John, is “like a magic pool in which an infant can paddle and an elephant can swim”. This is true at many levels. A mere first reading can be a moving experience, but a long-time study of the text takes one much further. Jesus as portrayed in the Gospel of John, differs from those found in the other three Gospels, the Synoptic Gospels, in significant ways. John recounts a three year ministry; three different Passover feasts are celebrated, whereas the Synoptic Gospels recount a one year ministry (O’Day, 1994, p.493).

The Johannine Jesus uses some short parables and proverbs, however there are none that begin “The Kingdom of God is like…” in the Gospel of John. Story and theological interpretation are inseparably brought together in the Gospel of John. The “I am” sayings that are a trait of Jesus’ speech in John; the Gospel’s rich metaphors and images; Jesus’ repeated statements about his unity with the One who sent him into the world, the One who loves him; the repeated identification of God as Jesus’ Father. In order to understand what John says about Jesus and God, one must attend carefully to how the story is told by John. The literary style of this Gospel works in partnership with its theology to invite the reader into a new world shaped by the revelation of

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