Star Wars Vs Star Trek

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Star Wars vs. Star Trek
Throughout the past two decades, two leading science fiction cult classics have rivaled and fought each other. Both have resilient followings of faithful fans who live and breathe these classic tales. Videogames, Lunch boxes, t-shirts, masks, bed sheets, and figurines embody only some of the Merchandise of these two epic films. Star Wars and Star Trek form the benchmarks for the genre of science fiction movies. While the similarities are not difficult to see, especially when many people confuse the names of characters to be the same thing, however there are also major differences between the two franchises. Before I continue I must acknowledge, this has been a very tough decision for me as I love both series very much.
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Star Wars, on the other hand, is the epic saga of the clash between the light and dark sides of the Force that has been waged since time immemorial, all of which is juxtaposed against an all-encompassing galactic war that actually has roots in the aforementioned ancient conflict. Now, imagine that you were given the choice of which series to watch based on these generalized descriptions alone. Does this not make Star wars seem more interesting?
Secondly, the technology of Star Trek and Star Wars are quite different. Significantly, Star Wars has superior weaponry. Star Wars has lightsabers (highly dignified glowing swords that slice titanium doors like nuclear powered chainsaws), laser blasters, planet destroying canons, and mystical energy called “The force.” In Star Wars, most ships are capable of light speed, which can move their ships to different galaxies in seconds. Radically shaped battle ships and battle stations also add to the weapon arsenal. Whereas Star Trek’s Enterprise has a simple teleportation
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Star Wars was not only the ultimate film or modern fairy tale as Lucas called it. It was and is the inspiration for thousands of filmmakers, artists, model makers, and weapons designers. Have you ever seen a stealth fighter at an airshow up close? The pilot is dressed like Darth Vader in flat black with dark leather gloves. A special helmet covers his head. He sits surrounded by a triangular view screen in the center of the cockpit. The stealth fighter can easily fit into the Star Wars universe. People realized that Star Wars was more than a movie when they bought the X-wing, Tie fighter model kits, and watched on television grown special effects men playing with the same 'models' on Star Wars. Thousands of artists and would be filmmakers realized that movies could literally be made in their garages. Star Wars was and is powerful because George Lucas pulled all the old myths out of the past and gave them to the world of the late seventies. Star Wars begins with a long time ago in a galaxy far far away... and has many memorable moments such as “Luke I am your father” and for the comic readers, the reference to “Darth Plaeigus the wise”, and the music played was extremely memorable. As mentioned earlier, Lucas called Star wars a modern fairy tale. Luke Skywalker is the main character through who we experience the Star Wars universe. A boy starting to become a man who gets involved with a wizard Obi Wan Kenobi,

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