Organic Foods Vs Conventional Foods Essay

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It may seem that organic foods may be more healthier for people, but really, conventional foods aren’t that much different. Conventional foods are not that much different as the organic foods people would buy at the store. Organic foods just are processed differently than conventional food. Organic foods are also much more expensive than conventional foods, while it is not really worth it. Plus, the organic foods do not even really have more health and nutrition benefits. Spending the extra money on organic foods is not as good as it may seem.
Organic foods are not that much different compared to conventional foods. In passage one, in the second paragraph it states, “But, in the United States, the label simply means that the food has met guidelines set out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture”. That shows that the organic food is not that much different than conventional food. Conventional foods just don’t meet the guidelines that the department set out. It does not mean that conventional food aren’t as good as organic food, the food was just made differently. In paragraph three in passage one, it says, “For instance, organic fruits, vegetables and other crops must not have been treated with synthetic fertilizers, certain pesticides or sewage sludge”. Conventional foods may be almost the same as organic
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It may seem that there has to be a major difference between organic foods and conventional foods, but there isn’t. Organic foods have a few more advantages over conventional food, but there is nothing major, and would not be worth the extra money. Paying more for organic foods is not worth it, as buying conventional foods is worth your money. There may be some benefits with the organic food, but really it is not worth it. Organic foods are not worthwhile, as conventional foods are almost just as good as organic

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