Compare And Contrast Kreon As A Tragic Hero In Antigone

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Although Kreon and Antigone are both tragic heroes in Sophocles ' Greek tragedy "Antigone", Antigone is still portrayed as the "true" hero; proving that a protagonist or antagonists ' moral, religious and cultural values contribute to their popularity as character. Initially, Antigone and Kreon could both be the story’s protagonist, but Kreon is later made the antagonist. Antigone wanted her brother properly buried, but Kreon used his rule to get in the way. Antigone has a firm belief in defending and remaining loyal to her family, but her stubbornness leads to her tragic death. Kreon desired Antigone 's obedience, but her determination got in the way. He cherishes his throne and authority, but his pride leads to his tragic death. Kreon …show more content…
Some of the chorus believed that Kreon made the right decision by not burying Polynieces because he betrayed Thebes, but Kreon took an oath to Eudypus that he would take care of his children. This oath is clearly broken by Kreon’s treatment of Polyneices body and Antigone. Antigone deliberately disobeys Kreon with no remorse, which does not go over too well with some of the citizens of Thebes. However, some of the public are too afraid to go against the strict Kreon who seems too willing to execute is niece and only son and leave his nephew unburied.
The relationship between Antigone and Kreon is portrayed as political rather than familial. Kreon’s brother has just died, and now, as the new King of Thebes has to make the rash decisions of how Antigone and the body of Polyneices, his niece and nephew who have betrayed the city, must be dealt with. Kreon immediately recognizes Antigone as a criminal rather than his family. This shows his disregard of the familial relationship, which in modern times is seen as morally wrong, but Antigone has broken the law, which is also wrong. Kreon could have given Antigone leniency, but that would be
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Although Haemon and Antigone are never seen together, they seem to have a loving relationship that is proven when Haemon willingly commits suicide so he can die next to his fiancé. Kreon’s mistakes ruin the future marriage of Haemon and Antigone. Kreon and his only remaining son Haemon had a love-hate relationship. Haemon seems to highly respect his father, but has a contrasting opinion regarding Antigone’s treatment. Unlike his myopic father, Haemon has a young, unbiased, and pragmatic mindset; he realizes that the public is growing sympathetic toward Antigone and is against Kreon’s decision, and he persistently tries to persuade his father to reevaluate his judgement. Despite Haemon’s efforts, Kreon chooses his throne over his

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